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Panel discussion: Educating for research integration and implementation

The panel is co-ordinated and chaired by Linda Neuhauser and will feature speakers from a range of countries describing educational initiatives for inter- and trans-disciplinarity and research implementation.

Panelists are: Thieu Besselink (Netherlands), Marcel Bursztyn (Brazil), Daniel Lang (Germany), Linda Neuhauser (USA), Cha-aim Pachanee (Thailand), John van Breda (South Africa) and Bianca Vienni (Uruguay). Thieu Besselink was unable to participate at the last minute and was replaced by Gideon Shimshon.

The panel will have live contributions from speakers in Canberra, Lueneburg, The Hague and Montevideo. The panel will be provided as a live video stream (webcast) and also made available for later download.

Panel Members


Linda Neuhauser Co-ordinator and Chair (Live in Canberra)
image_neuhauser TITLE: Educating public health doctoral students about research integration and implementation: UC Berkeley Model BIOGRAPHY: Linda Neuhauser is Clinical Professor of Community Health and Human Development at UC Berkeley and Co-Principal Investigator at Health Research for Action…[MORE]
Thieu Besselink (Live webcast from The Netherlands) See above for program change.
image_besselink TITLE: Learning for change agency BIOGRAPHY: Thieu is researcher, writer, and social entrepreneur. He wrote his multidisciplinary PhD with Prof. Richard Sennett and Prof. Neil Walker at the European University Institute, LSE, and NYU…[MORE]
Marcel Bursztyn (Live in Canberra)
Marcel Bursztyn TITLE: Institutionalization of interdisciplinarity in the university: Some lessons from the Brazilian experience BIOGRAPHY: Marcel Bursztyn holds a B.A. in Economics (1973) and an M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning (1976), from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro…[MORE]
Daniel Lang (Live webcast from Germany)
Daniel Lang TITLE: Curricula in context: ‘The Leuphana College model’ BIOGRAPHY:Born 1974 in Kenzingen, Germany. 2005 PhD in environmental sciences, ETH Zurich. Switzerland. 2006-2009 (senior) scientist at ETH Zurich (Institute for Environmental Decisions, Natural and Social Science Interface)…[MORE]
Cha-aim Pachanee (Live in Canberra)
Cha-aim Pachanee TITLE: From evidence to policy: Educational experience in creating effective policy briefs for better policy decisions BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Pachanee is a researcher at International Health Policy Program (IHPP), Ministry of Public Health in Thailand. Prior to this she worked at Bureau of International Health for five years…[MORE]
John van Breda (Live webcast from Germany)
John van Breda TITLE: Valuing indigenous knowledge in interdisciplinary education BIOGRAPHY: John Van Breda is the project manager of the Transdisciplinary, Sustainability, Analysis, Modelling and Assessment Hub (TsamaHub)…[MORE]
Bianca Vienni (Live webcast from Uruguay)
Bianca Vienni TITLE: Education and interdisciplinarity: Groups, practices and dynamics BIOGRAPHY: Bianca Vienni is an archaeologist and Assistant Professor at the Academic Department of Espacio Interdisciplinario (Universidad de la República, Uruguay). Her research interests include the dynamics of interdisciplinary…[MORE]