We finished dismantling this repository in July 2023 and have made most of the resources available in other ways.

Many tools were updated and moved to the Integration and Implementation Insights blog and repository ( to provide one rich consolidated repository. Tools that were duplicates of those available on i2Insights or the i2S-Talks YouTube channel were removed. Tools that were out of date or have been superseded were deleted.

In late 2022, journals, professional associations and networks, and conferences were relocated to the website of the ITD-Alliance (Global Alliance for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity; These resources are available at

We have not yet found a permanent home for a small number of resources (the plan is that most will go to i2Insights) but in July 2023 we finished relocating these to the following (temporary) page on this website: Resources to go to i2Insights.

You can see a list of the original resources and where they have been relocated on this page: This list does not include resources that have been deleted or that are in the "resources to go i2Insights" page mentioned above.

Last updated: 27 July 2023.


A major challenge for researchers tackling complex social and environmental problems is that relevant resources are widely dispersed, making it difficult to find those that are most suitable for any particular project. We are addressing this challenge by compiling a multi-faceted resources repository.

Which resources?

First, we are compiling:

Second, we are also gathering information about: 

Timeline and updates

Compiling these resources is a long-term project and we aim to add at least one new resource in most categories every two months. Find out about new additions in our bi-monthly I2S News. You can subscribe under I2S News in the column on the left.

When resources become out-of-date, they are removed and archived.

Categorising the resources

The book Disciplining Interdisciplinarity provides the organising framework for presenting the resources. They are categorised by the relevant domain/s:

  • Synthesising disciplinary and stakeholder knowledge (Knowledge synthesis)
  • Understanding and managing diverse unknowns (Unknowns)
  • Providing integrated research support for policy and practice change (Policy and practice support).


i2s domains


They are also categorised by relevant subject/s, which correspond to the elements of the I2S five-question framework (PDF 570KB). Currently only a small selection of elements are used (the list will be expanded in future):

  • advocacy
  • assessing evidence
  • boundary setting
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • dialogue
  • engagement
  • framing and metaphors
  • modelling
  • participation
  • scoping
  • systems

The format/s in which each resource is available, eg., journal article or video, are also provided. Of note is that some resources are available as digital posters, which are described in the archives.

Contributions welcome

We welcome information about additional resources, based on your own work or that of others; please send it using our contact us details.

Please also consider contributing to the Integration and Implementation Insights blog (I2Insights blog), especially to highlight tools you have developed or use regularly. You can also highlight your own work relevant to I2S, as well as follow and discuss I2S developments by joining the LinkedIn group Global Network for Research Integration and Implementation