2011 Art And Science Alumni

Please note that this project was run some time ago and links that have subsequently become inactive have been removed.


The following research leaders participated in the Art and Science of Integration and Implementation course in 2011. 

Dr Lewis (Lewe) Atkinson

Dr Lewis (Lewe) Atkinson Manager, Knowledge and Program Improvement, Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd

Biography: Dr. Lewis Atkinson has 25 years experience in knowledge production and transfer through both commercialisation and 'free-to-air' innovation pathways to market. After starting his career in operations, planning and research with Unifoods Australia, in 1993 he became Research and Information Services Manager for Australian Meat Technology Pty Ltd, a CSIRO technology start-up and management consulting company. In 1998 he was part of a team that started a new industry owned company called Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd, where he has held several positions over the past 12 years... [read more].


Peter (Pete) Bridgeman Mr Peter (Pete) Bridgeman
Assistant Director, Environmental Hydrology, Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Biography: Following my graduation in 2003 with a B.App.Science from the University of Canberra, I underwent an additional 3+ years training as a Field Hydrologist and water information system specialist. During this time I worked across NSW and Victorian river systems. I joined River Murray Water in 2007 (operates and manages shared water resources of the Murray River) to implement technologies and solutions for many complex water accounting related issues. In 2009 I focussed my research on how water information was utilised by hydrological models and began integrating mathematical models with environmental data to determine policy positions for: environmental water requirements; ecosystem functional flow regimes; and, finally sustainable diversion limits for the Basin Plan. Since 2009 I have worked collaboratively with lead research agencies such as CSIRO to develop enduring solutions for Basin Wide water resource management.



Ruth Elvin

Ms Ruth Elvin Group Manager, Technical Resource Group, Centre for Appropriate Technology

Biography: I am currently Group Manager of the Technical Resource Group at the Centre for Appropriate Technology in Alice Springs, overseeing an applied research and technical advice program related to housing and infrastructure needs of remote Aboriginal communities. The program focuses specifically on water management, telecommunications, waste and housing issues. My own research interests, based on an academic background in law, policy and communications, include the governance of service delivery in remote settings. Recent work has included investigation of the impact of local government reforms on housing in remote Northern Territory communities, and the applicability of complex adaptive systems models to Indigenous settlement contexts.

Website: http://cfat.org.au/


Sarah Pethybridge

Dr Sarah Pethybridge Agricultural Research Manager, Botanical Resources Australia - Agricultural Services Pty. Ltd.

Biography: Sarah J. Pethybridge obtained her Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree with first class honors in plant pathology from the University of Tasmania, Australia, in 1995. Four years later, she was awarded her Ph.D. degree in plant pathology from the same university. Afterward, she joined the Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research, University of Tasmania, as a junior research fellow, working initially with the Australian hop industry. Within two years, pyrethrum pathology was also incorporated into her portfolio, and the theme of her research expanded into the development and extension of integrated disease management programs across these industries. She spent 10 years with the University of Tasmania in this role, progressing through the ranks to the position of senior research fellow. In 2009, Pethybridge joined the Australian pyrethrum company, Botanical Resources Australia Pty. Ltd., in the position of Agricultural Research Manager. She continues her relationship with the University of Tasmania as an honorary research faculty member... [read more].


Dr Denise Ryan

Dr Denise Ryan Senior Policy Officer, Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Unit, ACT Health

Biography: Denise Ryan BA (Hons), PhD, GCTE, M.Ed. has a background in both health policy and research. In recent years she has worked on a number of national projects related to health professional regulation and her current role is working in alcohol and other drug policy for ACT Health. Her experience has included both sides of the research and policy divide: researching, developing and delivering projects to meet specified policy objectives, program evaluation and data analysis, as well as analysing research products from a policy and implementation perspective. She holds a PhD in Literature and has recently completed a Master of Education. She has a previous nursing background.