Plenary Talk Presentations

The plenary speakers provided digests of concepts and methods, exemplary case studies and education insights from inter- and trans-disciplinarity, systems thinking, complexity, implementation science, unknowns, project management, action research and more. 

There were 16 plenary talks to provide an overview of a range of different methods or case studies illustrating their application. Eight of the plenary talks were live in Canberra, one was live at the German co-conference (a joint presentation by Vilsmaier and Bergmann) and seven were provided via live video (Bradbury-Huang, Contractor, Fixsen and Klein from the USA, Fulton from Tasmania in Australia, Jaeger from Austria and Polk from Sweden). All of the talks were provided as a live video stream (webcast) and were also available for later download. They are now available via the I2S Channel on You Tube.

The 16 plenary talks presented at the conference are listed below, along with links to the You Tube video, a pdf of the powerpoint slides used in the presentation and any other materials made available.

We are grateful to Mark Burgman for stepping in as a last-minute replacement for Michael Keelty, who was to speak on "Is it Feasible to have Predictable Responses to Unpredictable Events?".