Viewing A Digital Poster


How to view posters

After you click the green or yellow “VIEW DIGITAL POSTERS” button, you will be given three options:

  1. Search for a poster
  2. List poster themes
  3. List all posters

Search for a poster: If you click on this button you can search for digital posters by author, poster number, title or keyword. However, for the keyword search you can only search by single words or words adjacent to each other on any poster. You can search across all digital posters or restrict your search to one of the conference themes.You can also search for digital posters which have been categorised as “other”.

List poster themes: If you click on this button, you can obtain a list of all the digital posters in any one of the conference themes.

List all posters: If you click on this button you can view all digital posters.

Each digital poster comes with a discussion function. You can participate in and follow a public discussion trail about each digital poster and also register if you ‘like’ the digital poster. There is also a facility for private e-mail discussion between a viewer and the author.


Information on web browsers for viewing digital posters

The digital poster system aims to make digital posters viewable through as many different browsers as possible. You may, however, have problems using the digital poster system if you are on an older version of a browser. The digital poster system runs best when your browser version is a recent release.

You should be able to view (but not download) digital posters on an iPhone, iPad or Android device.