First i2S Conference: Archive of Conference Website

In Februrary 2015, the website of the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation, which had been hosted elsewhere, was copied and archived here. The conference website link (URL: was also re-pointed to this website (now leading to the archive of the conference website). Below is a site map of the conference website which contains all the text and material, as well as the basic structural outline, from that site. Please note that as this is a copy of a different website some links (eg., to the conference venue) have been removed and some of the material within the archived pages below refer to functionality that is no longer available (eg., references to ‘material in the right-hand column’, a column that no longer exists in this archive – an image of the structure of the original website can be found in the page on miscellaneous site components).

Site map for the original website of the First I2S conference