2012 Fellows In The 'Bridging the Research-Policy Divide' Leadership Program

Please note that this project was run some time ago and links that have subsequently become inactive have been removed.

The following research leaders participated in the Bridging the Research-Policy Divide program in August-September 2012. The institutions listed are those with which the Fellows were affiliated during their Fellowship. During the program they each produced a policy brief and a case study, which are described below. The Fellows summarised their six-weeks of on-campus activities at a public seminar on Thursday September 27, 2012, with the following final seminar presentation (6.4MB Powerpoint as PDF). They also provided their evaluation (50KB PDF) of the course.

Sreng BunBun Sreng MBBS MTM Cambodia Affiliation: Chief, Bureau of Prevention and Control, Department of Communicable Disease Control (CDC), Ministry of Health, Cambodia Sponsors: Dr Mahomed Patel and Dr Kamalini Lokuge Policy brief: Improving Clinical Management of Newborns at Hospitals to Reduce Neonatal Deaths (614KB PDF) Case study: Using Epidemiological Research to Improve the Quality of Care for Children in Cambodia (1.5KB PDF)
Clarissa Yvonne Jueco-DomingoClarissa Yvonne Jueco-Domingo DVM MPH PhD Philippines Affiliation: Associate Professor V, Central Luzon State University, Philippines Sponsor: Dr Mahomed Patel and Professor Romeo Gundran (see below) Policy brief: Strengthening University-Government partnerships to develop and dissemintate affordable, rapid diagnostic tests for priority animal diseases (1.4MB PDF) Case study: Fasciola control policy for smallholder production (1.5MB PDF)
Nursyahbani KatjasungkanaNursyahbani Katjasungkana BA Criminal Law Indonesia Affiliations: Coordinator, Kartini Asia Network; Founder and Board Member of APIK (Asosiasi Perempuan Indonesia untuk Keadilan or Indonesian Women's Association for Justice); National Coordinator of APIK’s Federation Sponsor: Professor Terry Hull Policy brief: Creating better access to justice for women victims of domestic violence in Indonesia: Developing an integrated family court system (770KB PDF) Case study: Using research into women’s experiences of the legal system to improve legal responses to domestic violence (671KB PDF)
Arunrat TangmunkongvorakulArunrat Tangmunkongvorakul BSc MSc PhD Thailand Affiliation: Researcher, Research Institute for Health Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand Sponsor: Professor Adrian Sleigh Policy brief: Free and easy access to condoms for young people in Thailand (836KB PDF) Case study: Use and perceptions of sexual and reproductive health services among young northern Thai people (1.4MB PDF)
Yadong WangWang Yadong BM MHMgt China Affiliation: Professor, Health Management and Education College, Capital Medical University, China Sponsor: Dr Mahomed Patel Policy brief: Strengthening the health emergency preparedness planning for communities across China (1MB PDF) Case study: Strengthening the emergency medical service system of Beijing, China (1.3MB PDF)
Qian ZhuZhu Qian MMed BM China Affiliation: Director and Professor, Henan Provincial Research Institute for AIDS/STD Prevention & Control, Henan Provincial Center for Disease Control & Prevention, China Sponsor: Dr Mahomed Patel Policy brief: Reduce mortality from AIDS in Henan province (438KB PDF) Case study: Prevention of HIV transmission between discordant couples (3.8MB PDF)


Faculty for the 2012 program were Professor Gabriele Bammer, Dr Mahomed Patel and Mr David McDonald. In addition Professor Romeo Gundran (below), an alumnus from the 2010 course, joined the program in a train-the-trainer capacity. The program administrator was Ms Yasmin Idriss.


Romeo GundranRomeo Gundran DVM, PGDVSt, MVSc (Epidemiology), DPCRP Philippines Affiliation: College of Veterinary Science and Medicine, Central Luzon State University