Bridging The Research-Policy Divide

Please note that this project was run some time ago and links that have subsequently become inactive have been removed.


A leadership program for senior researchers from the Asia-Pacific region (by invitation)

This leadership program is for senior researchers from the Asia-Pacific region. It is aimed at actual and potential researcher leaders who already have collaborative links with Australia. This is an invitation-only program, where the participants are nominated by their Australian collaborators (sponsors). The program enhances existing research collaborations by strengthening participants' abilities to use their research to support policy and practice change in their home countries. To date, sponsors have been at The Australian National University and the University of New South Wales, but we would welcome the involvement of other universities.

The program is run at The Australian National University. The on-campus component of the program provides training in bridging the research-policy divide through an intense and highly supported six weeks of group, one-on-one, reflective and instructional learning. Each Fellow produces a policy brief and policy influence plan based on current research, as well as a case analysis of their previous experience in bridging the ‘know-do’ gap. This face-to-face component is followed by regular virtual on-line engagement.

The first program was run in April-May 2009 with six Fellows in the fields of environment and public health from China, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand. The policy briefs and case studies produced by this group can be found at 2009 Alumni.

The second program was run in May-June 2010 with ten Fellows and one train-the-trainer participant in the fields of environment, public health and security from China, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. The policy briefs and case studies produced by this group can be found at 2010 Alumni.

The third program was run in August-September 2012 with seven Fellows and one train-the-trainer participant in the fields of public health and law from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. The policy briefs and case studies produced by this group can be found at 2012 Alumni.

The program is supported by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) through the Australian Leadership Awards – Fellowships. Support is also provided by The Australian National University, the sponsors and the home country organisations of the participants.

Course site for participants (log-in required via Alliance) - now CLOSED.