We offer a range of professional development and graduate student workshops and courses on the fundamentals of Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S), as well as on sub-topics such as managing complexity, stakeholder engagement and research integration.


Main 2020 courses

May 2020: workshop for participants of Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Actions on "Transdisciplinary co-design, integration and implementation." A video of the presentation sections of the workshop is available at: You can also access the slides used in the presentation (PDF 2.6MB), as well as the handout handout (PDF 360KB).

September to December 2020: short course "Interdisciplinary research excellence" for Egyptian participants through the company Knowledge E. The key elements of the course are:

  • Week 1: General overview: What are the key ingredients of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on complex environmental and other problems?
    - What makes complex problems complex?
    - Working with and integrating multiple disciplines, those affected by the problem, those able to take action on the problem
    - Using research to support policy and practice change.
  • Week 2: Assembling the pieces
    - who needs to be involved (identifying relevant disciplines and stakeholders)
    - framing the problem
    - planning for outcomes
  • Week 3: Working together
    - different types of participation
    - making participation work well
  • Week 4: Integration: the heart of interdisciplinarity
    - integration of what
    - methods for integration
    - dealing with what cannot be integrated
  • Week 5: Making a difference
    - understanding change
    - options for influencing change
    - how to be an effective influencer.


MOOC on Ignorance!

Michael Smithson and Gabriele Bammer co-teach an edX Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on "Ignorance!". The course is currently available in self-paced mode. To register go to:

Syllabi and evaluation results are available from when the course was first run (23 June to 4 August 2015), as well as from an expanded version run from 10 January to 13 March 2017.

Previous courses

We no longer keep information about previous courses up-to-date, although information about some courses run between 2007 and 2013 is available.


Up-coming courses

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