Tailored Courses

Please note that some of these courses were run some time ago and links that have subsequently become inactive have been removed.

Interdisciplinary research excellence

This short course was run for Egyptian participants through the company Knowledge E in 2020. The key elements of the course were:

  • Week 1: General overview: What are the key ingredients of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on complex environmental and other problems? Covered: - What makes complex problems complex? - Working with and integrating multiple disciplines, those affected by the problem, those able to take action on the problem - Using research to support policy and practice change.
  • Week 2: Assembling the pieces. Covered: - who needs to be involved (identifying relevant disciplines and stakeholders) - framing the problem - planning for outcomes
  • Week 3: Working together. Covered: - different types of participation - making participation work well
  • Week 4: Integration: the heart of interdisciplinarity. Covered: - integration of what - methods for integration - dealing with what cannot be integrated
  • Week 5: Making a difference. Covered: - understanding change - options for influencing change - how to be an effective influencer.

Transdisciplinary co-design, integration and implementation

Three workshops were run in different time zones on "Transdisciplinary co-design, integration and implementation" for the Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Actions in 2020. A video of the presentation sections of the workshop is available at: https://youtu.be/liYKY5Em2eM. You can also access the slides used in the presentation (PDF 2.6MB), as well as the handout handout (PDF 360KB).

Managing complexity in public policy: Tools for analysis and response

This one-day Executive Education course was run through the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University.

It provided an overview of the Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S) framework, along with key concepts and methods, for analysing and responding to complex policy issues.

The course provided participants with an opportunity to reflect and discuss their own experiences in dealing with complex policy issues.

Courses were held on April 19, 2013 (participants' evaluation results PDF 95KB), October 29, 2012 (participants' evaluation PDF 60KB), May 15, 2012 (participants' evaluation PDF 60KB) and August 11, 2011 (participants' evaluation (PDF 60KB).

INTER- and TRANS-disciplinary research - a framework for integration and implementation

This one-day course for project leaders and senior investigators was delivered at the Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU; University for Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna) on 13 June 2012. It provided:

  • a framework to design research integration and implementation
  • opportunities to reflect on current research approaches and ways to build
  • on them
  • an environment and structure for interacting with other experienced researchers
  • to share skills, concepts and methods.