Live and On-demand Video: Archived Webpage from the First i2S Conference

This is an archived page from the website of the 2013 First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation.
Please note that this is a copy of a page from the original conference website which was hosted elsewhere; some links (eg to the conference venue) have been removed and some of the material within the page refers to functionality that is no longer available (eg references to material in the right-hand column).
A full site map of the archived website shows all the pages and elements that were on the original conference website. 


Most of the conference activities will be webcast, in other words broadcast over the internet. You can watch these webcasts using a video stream that you can access by clicking on the purple LIVE & ON-DEMAND VIDEO button on the right hand side. Only conference registrants can view the live webcasts and the on-demand videos until September 22, 2013. After September 23, the on-demand videos will be freely available.

Webcasting starts when the onsite conference in Canberra opens (at 9am on Monday September 9th 2013, Australian Eastern Standard time; NB this will be some time on Sunday September 8th in most other parts of the world).

BEFORE THE CONFERENCE STARTS: Please test your system for compatibility and familiarise yourself with the Mediasite Enterprise Video System


Test your system for compatibility with our webcasting technology

If you have registered for the online conference, please check to make sure you will be able to receive the webcast using this [link removed] test video. Please do this well before the conference starts.

If the test video does not work use this  troubleshooting guide (1MB PDF).


Which Operating Systems (OS) and hardware platforms can stream our webcast?

Broadly speaking, the webcast system functions across most modern operating systems and devices. Check the compatible  list of the operating systems and hardware devices in PDF (137KB), or review here:

mediasite hardware requirements


What will be webcast from the conference?

We will webcast:

  • Conference opening and close
  • Plenary talks
  • Plenary panel
  • Plenary debate and launch of the book: “Disciplining Interdisciplinarity: Integration and Implementation Sciences for Researching Complex Real-World Problems”
  • the Canberra digital poster sessions

We hope we’ll also have video-clips from the co-conferences.


Live and on-demand webcasts

The conference will be broadcast live and these live sessions will be made available later as on-demand video.

For the times of the live webcasts, see the online program. We provide schedules for most of the major time zones, as well as a plan-your-own schedule, which you can customise for your time zone.


How to view the live and on-demand webcasts

To access the video platform click on the purple LIVE & ON-DEMAND button on the right hand side.

On first use of the video platform there will be a brief sign-in page to fill out: This will ask for your name, e-mail address and your registrant passcode. On subsequent visits it will ask for your e-mail address and your registrant passcode.

Basic functions within the webcast viewer: The webcasts are made available via the Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform. To see how it functions, we have provided a  basic introduction to the Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform (200KB PDF). The platform is the same for live and on-demand webcasts.

Help function for the video platform: Please note that here is an extensive ‘help’ function within the video platform. It also contains links to troubleshooting tips (for example see: troubleshooting general playback issues). It can be accessed by moving your cursor to the bottom right hand corner of the video platform and pressing the small question mark button that looks like this: mediasite_help-button


Joining a conference session with live questions and comments

To ask a question or make a comment during a live video webcast:

  1. Move your cursor to the bottom right hand corner of the video platform and press the small ‘bubble’ button: mediasite_ask-a-question-button
  2. This will open a dialogue box for you to enter your name, your email address and your question or comment. Press send. You should receive a notice saying that your message was sent successfully.
  3. Your question or comment will be sent directly to the moderator of the live conference session. The moderator will select which comments and questions to read out. Please note that it is not possible for the moderator to reply to you via the same facility.