Journal of Science Communication

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The Journal of Science Communication (JCOM) “covers a broad range of issues pertinent to science communication and public engagement with STEM, including citizen science as well as environmental and health communication, where these relate to communication of research.”

The journal “publishes research that explores a wide range of issues pertinent to the science communication community, including: issues in communication between science and citizens and within the scientific community itself; challenges arising when models for theoretical analysis or practical means to popularize science are used; the changing relation between science and social institutions; and the informative, pedagogical, interpretative and political dimensions of science communication.”

The journal seeks “to encourage interdisciplinary exchange in the study of today‚Äôs complex knowledge societies and the role of publics and scientists in the development of new knowledge.”

“In addition to research papers, JCOM also publishes invited thematic commentaries, essays, practice insights, reviews and letters.”

JCOM begun in 2002 and is an open access peer reviewed journal.


Posted: March 2020
Last modified: March 2020