Learning for sustainability (LfS) website

PLEASE NOTE: This resource was originally part of a structured repository on this website. It is now part of a small collection of resources awaiting updating and/or expansion before being relocated to the i2Insights blog and repository.

Purpose: To provide those helping communities "identify and adopt more sustainable practices" with a range of on-line resources that support "social learning and constructive action in multi-stakeholder settings." 

Description: The resources are organised under the following categories:

  • Social learning, including systems thinking, building networks and knowledge management
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E),
  • Collaboration/engagement, including stakeholder mapping and analysis and working across cultures
  • Supporting change
  • Research, including participatory action research and managing integration
  • Sustainable development.

The resources include “papers, handbooks, tips, theory and techniques” with a strong focus on skills and there is an annotated guide to each resource. The guide also shows “how the application of these different skills are interlinked in practice to contribute towards social learning and constructive practice change.”

The resources largely come from “material developed in the sustainable development, natural resource management, public health and agricultural sectors.” “Typical site users include policymakers, agency staff, community and business leaders, and practitioners working in collaborative settings.”

This site started in 1998 as the NRM-changelinks site, with the change to the current name occurring in 2016.

Website: http://learningforsustainability.net/

This website includes a substantial number of resources. While the same or related tools and topics can also be found on the i2S website, i2Insights blog and Wikipedia, each has a unique way of approaching and presenting these resources.

Posted: February 2014
Last modified: November 2019