Team science toolkit

Purpose: To consolidate and provide access to knowledge, practical tools and strategies for collaborative efforts to address scientific challenges by leveraging “the strengths and expertise of professionals trained in different fields.”

Description: This user-generated collection provides “resources to help manage, support, conduct, or study team-based research,” in particular:

  • Tools, includes proven approaches, training materials and promotion and tenure guidelines
  • Measures, including survey instruments and interview guides
  • A bibliography, including peer-reviewed articles and reports
  • A directory of experts.

Anyone can contribute to the toolkit. The toolkit consolidates information from multiple disciplines and fields, including public health, communications, management sciences, and psychology.

The target audience includes investigators, community and translational partners, administrators at academic institutions, funding agency staff, science of team science scholars and evaluators.

The toolkit was developed and is hosted by the US National Cancer Institute.


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Posted: December 2011
Last modified: November 2019