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Plenary speakers will provide digests of concepts and methods, exemplary case studies and education insights from inter- and trans-disciplinarity, systems thinking, complexity, implementation science, unknowns, project management, action research and more.

There will be 16 plenary talks to provide an overview of a range of different methodologies or case studies illustrating their application. Eight of the plenary talks will be live in Canberra, one will be live at the German co-conference (a joint presentation by Vilsmaier and Bergmann) and seven will be provided via live video (Bradbury-Huang, Contractor, Fixsen and Klein from the USA, Fulton from Tasmania in Australia, Jaeger from Austria and Polk from Sweden). All of the talks will be provided as a live video stream (webcast) and available for later download.

The conference will be opened by:

– the Vice-Chancellor of The Australian National University, Professor Ian Young

– the Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, Professor Simon Bronitt

– the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Research Council, Professor Aidan Byrne.

Photos and bios are provided after the plenary talks information, towards the end of this page.


Plenary Talks Information


Gabriele Bammer (Live in Canberra)
Gabriele Bammer TITLE: Combining Forces: A New Discipline to Underpin Diverse Approaches to Research Integration and Implementation ABSTRACT: Could a new discipline – Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S) – provide a systematic way to allow people to effectively mix-and-match concepts and methods… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Gabriele Bammer is developing the new discipline of Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S)… [MORE]
Hilary Bradbury Huang (Live webcast from the USA)
Hilary Bradbury Huang TITLE: Action Research and the Transformation of Knowledge Creation ABSTRACT: Some say the scholar-practitioner form of knowledge creation started with Kurt Lewin in the 1950’s. Others contend that it is the most natural form of knowledge creation practiced by people throughout time… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Hilary Bradbury Huang, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Division of Management at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). Her research, scholarly activism and teaching focus on the human… [MORE]
Noshir Contractor (Live webcast from the USA)
Noshir Contractor TITLE: Some Assembly Required: Networking and Team Science for the 21st Century ABSTRACT: Recent technological advances provide comprehensive digital traces of social actions, interactions, and transactions. These data provide an unprecedented exploratorium to model… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Noshir Contractor is the Jane S. and William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science… [MORE]
Lynn Crawford (Live in Canberra)
Lynn Crawford TITLE: Managing Projects as an Inter-disciplinary and Integrative Practice ABSTRACT: Project management, as a field of practice and aspiring discipline has enjoyed strong professional formation, driven by active associations of practitioners. In promoting project management as a discipline… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Lynn Crawford is Professor of Systemic Management at the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence (ISCE), Visiting Professor at Cranfield University School of Management, UK… [MORE]
Dean L. Fixsen (Live webcast from USA)
Dean Fixsen TITLE: Applied Implementation Science ABSTRACT: Implementation science is based on observations and evidence accumulated since the 1960s. Even at this early stage, it is becoming clear there is a continuum of research… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Dean L. Fixsen, Ph.D. began his career in human services in 1963 as a psychiatric aide in a large state hospital for children with profound developmental delays… [MORE]
Beth Fulton (Live webcast from Hobart, Australia)
Beth Fulton TITLE: Complexity Science in Action: Examples from Multiple Use Environments in Australian Coastal Zones ABSTRACT: Resource managers deal with complex systems on a daily basis. The work by researchers such as Elinor Ostrom shows that it is possible to find means of sustainably exploiting natural systems and resources… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Beth Fulton has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Tasmania. She is a Principal Research Scientist with the CSIRO. She developed the Atlantis modelling framework, used to provide strategic advice… [MORE]
Jill Jaeger (Live webcast from Austria)
Jill Jaeger (Austria) (Biography) TITLE: Transforming the Knowledge System to Support Research Integration and Implementation ABSTRACT: Responding to the persistent problems of unsustainability and other global challenges needs a transformation of the knowledge system as a whole. This includes a transformation in research funding and in education… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Jaeger is an independent scholar and senior researcher at the Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI). She graduated with a PhD in Geography (Climatology) from the University of Colorado in 1974… [MORE]
Michael Keelty (Live in Canberra) Unable to attend at the last minute. Replaced by Professor Mark Burgman on “Expert Judgment in Risk Analysis”
Michael Keelty TITLE: Is it Feasible to have Predictable Responses to Unpredictable Events? ABSTRACT: Most government discipline organisations such as the military, police and emergency management services are well versed in standard operating procedures (SOPs). They are designed to produce… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Michael Keelty AO APM is undertaking a review of the Queensland Department of Community Safety (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Emergency Management and Corrections) and is an Adjunct Professor… [MORE]
Julie Klein (Live webcast from USA)
Julie Thompson Klein TITLE: Interdisciplinarity Then, Now, and Into Networked Futures ABSTRACT: Interdisciplinarity is nearing its 100th anniversary, dating from the earliest documented uses of the term in the early 20th century. This overview identifies major developments… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Julie Thompson Klein is Faculty Fellow for Interdisciplinary Development in the Division of Research and Professor of Humanities in the English Department at Wayne State University (USA)… [MORE]
Gerald Midgley (Live in Canberra)
Gerald Midgley TITLE: An Introduction to Systems Thinking: Integration and Implementation in the Face of Wicked Problems ABSTRACT: This talk provides an introduction to systems thinking for people with little prior knowledge of the field. It is useful to identify four key systems thinking skills… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Gerald Midgley is Professor of Systems Thinking at the University of Hull, UK. He also holds Adjunct Professorships at the University of Queensland, Australia… [MORE]
Christian Pohl (Live in Canberra)
Christian Pohl TITLE: Heuristics of Transdisciplinary Research ABSTRACT: Transdisciplinary research (of the European sustainability style) is research that combines knowledge of different disciplines and engages with societal actors… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Christian Pohl has a PhD in environmental sciences, is co-director of the transdisciplinarity-net of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences and core member of the Transdisciplinarity Lab… [MORE]
Merritt Polk (Live webcast from Sweden)
Merritt Polk TITLE: Does Transdisciplinarity Contribute to Sustainability? Testing and Evaluating a Framework for Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production for Sustainable Social Change ABSTRACT: It is commonly assumed that transdisciplinary research is more able to contribute to societal problem solving than traditional forms of research. This assumption is based on the analytical belief… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Merritt Polk is an Associate Professor in Human Ecology at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg. She is also a co-director at Mistra-Urban Futures, a transdisciplinary Center… [MORE]
George Richardson (Live in Canberra)
George Richardson (United States of America) (Biography) TITLE: Models that Matter: System Dynamics Applications with Impact ABSTRACT:
Abstract: An overview of several high profile system dynamics model-based applications, selected to show what such models look like, how they emerged (often in multidisciplinary interventions)… [MORE]
BIOGRAPHY: George P. Richardson is O’Leary Professor of Public Administration and Policy in the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at the University at Albany… [MORE]
Michael Smithson (Live in Canberra)
Michael Smithson TITLE: Dealing with Unknowns ABSTRACT: The problem of dealing with unknowns does not reside in any one discipline. Instead, it inhabits many disciplines. Nearly all disciplines and practice domains have perspectives on the unknown… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Michael Smithson is a Professor in the Research School of Psychology at The Australian National University in Canberra, and received his PhD from the University of Oregon… [MORE]
Ulli Vilsmaier and Matthias Bergmann (Live at the German co-conference in Lueneburg and live webcast)
Ulli Vilsmaier TITLE: Mixing and Coupling Methods in Transdisciplinary Research and Research-Based Learning ABSTRACT: Transdisciplinary research is based on the objects of integration and implementation. The research process aims to create space for common thinking, mutual learning and joint action… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: Ulli Vilsmaier is Junior Professor for Transdisciplinary Methods at Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany. She is a member of the inter-faculty Center of Methods and the Institute for Ethics and… [MORE]
Matthias Bergmann     BIOGRAPHY: Matthias Bergmann is a senior researcher at the Institute for Social-ecological Research (ISOE) in Frankfurt, Germany where he is part of the research unit Transdisciplinary Methods and Concepts (since 2000)… [MORE]
John Young (Live in Canberra)
John Young TITLE: Knowledge vs Politics: How Research can Contribute to Better Policy ABSTRACT: We live in an increasingly interconnected world where there are few simple policy solutions to complex, often “wicked” problems, and an increasing number of stakeholders… [MORE] BIOGRAPHY: John Young is Director of impact Assessment, Partnerships and RAPID, Research and Policy in Development
John Young joined ODI in May 2001 after five years in Indonesia… [MORE]


Opening Talks Information


Ian Young (Live in Canberra)
Ian Young BIOGRAPHY: Professor Ian Young AO was appointed Vice-Chancellor and President of The Australian National University in March 2011. Previously he was Vice-Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology from 2003 until taking up his role at ANU… [MORE]
Simon Bronitt (Live in Canberra)
 Simon Bronitt BIOGRAPHY: Simon Bronitt is Director of CEPS. Simon was previously a Professor of Law in the ANU College of Law and Associate Director of the Australian Centre for Military Law and Justice, ANU. Between 2006-9 he served as the Director of the ANU Centre of European Studies in the Research School of Humanities… [MORE]
Aidan Byrne (Live in Canberra)
Aidan Byrne BIOGRAPHY: Professor Aidan Byrne is CEO of the Australian Research Council. He was appointed in July 2012. Professor Byrne is a welcomed force at the ARC to help deliver its key priorities and deliverables… [MORE]