Event Structure: Archived Webpage from the First i2S Conference

This is an archived page from the website of the 2013 First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation.
Please note that this is a copy of a page from the original conference website which was hosted elsewhere; some links (eg to the conference venue) have been removed and some of the material within the page refers to functionality that is no longer available (eg references to material in the right-hand column).
A full site map of the archived website shows all the pages and elements that were on the original conference website. 


The First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation has three distinct ‘events’, giving you three different options for engaging with the conference.

Registration for the conference is simple; just click on the orange REGISTER button in the right hand column. There is also a registration FAQ if you wish to know more about the registration process. (Note that registration at the co-conferences in the Netherlands and Uruguay involves a different process.)

banner select Canberra conference 1. In Canberra, Australia. This combines the best features of a regular conference with the broad outreach of an online conference. Most plenary sessions will occur live in Canberra, but some will be streamed online. There will be live sessions associated with the digital posters, as well as skills-building workshops. And, of course, there will be lots of opportunities for face-to-face networking, through organised and spontaneous activities. There will also be links to online participants, especially to the co-conferences. The Canberra event is at the Manning Clarke Centre on The Australian National University campus. (The Sunday networking event is at the Great Hall at University House on The Australian National University campus.)
banner select online conference 2. Online, wherever you have access to the internet. Between September 9-11 (Australian time; September 8 in many countries), we will provide live video (also available for later download) of all the conference plenaries, whether they occur in Canberra or elsewhere in the world, and we will provide live video of the digital poster sessions from the Canberra conference. Digital posters are the main way for participants to share their achievements. You can network with other participants through LinkedIn and our LinkedIn group and you can follow us on Twitter.
banner explaining broad options for registration 3. At co-conferences in Germany, the Netherlands and Uruguay. Co-conferences value-add to the online experience by bringing participants together to view and discuss the plenaries, to run their own digital poster and other sessions and to network. Some plenary activities will be live at the co-conferences.