Online Program: Archived Webpage from the First i2S Conference

This is an archived page from the website of the 2013 First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation.
Please note that this is a copy of a page from the original conference website which was hosted elsewhere; some links (eg to the conference venue) have been removed and some of the material within the page refers to functionality that is no longer available (eg references to material in the right-hand column).
A full site map of the archived website shows all the pages and elements that were on the original conference website. 


When the conference sessions begin on September 9th, 2013 (Australian time, NB this will be September 8 in many parts of the world), they will be streamed live and can be accessed by conference registrants wherever you are in the world.

The sessions will also be available for download if you prefer to watch them later.

To see when the scheduled conference sessions can be viewed live in your time zone, find the location nearest to you in the selection below. You can also build-your-own schedule, using the template below and the link to a world time generator. We’ve done our best to be accurate, but mistakes are inevitable – if you find any, do please let us know (at I2Sconference@…). In addition, please check for updates and last minute changes.

The most up-to-date detailed Canberra onsite schedule can be found by clicking on the blue REGISTRANT ACCESS button on the right hand side. There is also an up-to-date, but less detailed, version that everyone can access. Please be aware that, due to unforseen circumstances, speakers and times may change without notice.

The co-conference schedules are also available.