Conference PowerPoints: Archived Webpage from the First i2S Conference

This is an archived page from the website of the 2013 First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation.
Please note that this is a copy of a page from the original conference website which was hosted elsewhere; some links (eg to the conference venue) have been removed and some of the material within the page refers to functionality that is no longer available (eg references to material in the right-hand column).
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THIS IS A NEW PAGE DEVELOPED AFTER THE CONFERENCE. The Microsoft PowerPoint slides are now available in PDF format for: Please note that each of these presentations can also be viewed as a video stream (webcast), by clicking on the purple ON-DEMAND VIDEO button in the right hand menu. Video viewing is free, but you will need to complete a simple sign-in. Also note that a few of the PDFs do not adequately render the formatting in the MS PowerPoints, so there may be some overlap of imagery or poorly aligned material. To see the correct images, please see the webcast or contact I2Sconference@... for the original powerpoint.

Plenary Talks

Gabriele Bammer
Plenary Speaker: Gabriele Bammer TITLE:  Combining Forces: A New Discipline to Underpin Diverse Approaches to Research Integration and Implementation (PDF 1.8MB)
Hilary Bradbury Huang
Hilary Bradbury Huang TITLE:  Action Research and the Transformation of Knowledge Creation (PDF 3.2MB)
Noshir Contractor
Noshir Contractor TITLE:  Some Assembly Required: Networking and Team Science for the 21st Century (PDF 4.4MB)
Lynn Crawford
Lynn Crawford TITLE:  Managing Projects as an Inter-disciplinary and Integrative Practice (PDF 500KB)
Dean L. Fixsen
Dean Fixsen TITLE:  Applied Implementation Science (PDF 1.3MB)
Beth Fulton
Beth Fulton TITLE:  Complexity Science in Action: Examples from Multiple Use Environments in Australian Coastal Zones (PDF 5MB)
Jill Jaeger
Jill Jaeger (Austria) (Biography) TITLE:  Transforming the Knowledge System to Support Research Integration and Implementation (PDF 800KB)
Mark Burgman
Mark Burgman TITLE:  Risk and Expert Judgment (PDF 1.3MB)
Julie Klein
Julie Thompson Klein (United States of America) (Biography) (LinkedIn) TITLE:  Interdisciplinarity Then, Now, and Into Networked Futures (PDF 900KB)
Gerald Midgley
Gerald Midgley (United Kingdom) (Biography) (LinkedIn) TITLE:  An Introduction to Systems Thinking: Integration and Implementation in the Face of Wicked Problems (PDF 200KB)
Christian Pohl
Christian Pohl (Switzerland) (Biography) TITLE:  Heuristics of Transdisciplinary Research (1.1MB)
Merritt Polk
Merritt Polk TITLE:  Does Transdisciplinarity Contribute to Sustainability? (PDF 1.5MB)
George Richardson
George Richardson (United States of America) (Biography) TITLE:  Models that Matter: System Dynamics Applications with Impact (PDF 4.6MB)
Michael Smithson
Michael Smithson TITLE:  Dealing with Unknowns in Inter- and Trans-Disciplinary Settings (PDF 133KB)
Ulli Vilsmaier and Matthias Bergmann
Ulli Vilsmaier TITLE:  Mixing and Coupling Methods in Transdisciplinary Research and Research-Based Learning (PDF 711KB)
Matthias Bergmann (Germany) (Biography 1) (Biography 2)
John Young
John Young (United Kingdom) (Biography) (LinkedIn) TITLE:  Knowledge vs Politics: How Research can Contribute to Better Policy (3.6MB)


Michael O’Rourke
Michael O’Rourke TITLE:  Structured Dialogue to Uncover Research Assumptions (PDF 699KB)
George Richardson
George Richardson TITLE:  An Introduction to System Dynamics (PDF 2.1MB)
John Young
John Young (United Kingdom) (Biography) (LinkedIn) TITLE:  Tools for Policy Entrepreneurs: The RAPID Alignment, Interest and Influence Matrix (AIIM) (774KB)


Please note that although there were four debaters, only one used an MS PowerPoint presentation.
Michael O’Rourke
image_orourke TITLE:  A Case for Disciplining Interdisciplinarity (PDF 261KB)


Please note that the plenary panel had seven members, but one member did not use MS PowerPoint (Marcel Bursztyn)
Daniel Lang
image_lang TITLE:  Curricula in context: ‘The Leuphana College model’ (PDF 372KB)
Linda Neuhauser
image_neuhauser TITLE:  Educating public health doctoral students about research integration and implementation: UC Berkeley model (PDF 815KB)
Cha-aim Pachanee
image_pachanee TITLE:  From evidence to policy: educational experience in creating effective policy briefs for better policy decisions (PDF 1.1MB)
Gideon Shimshon
Gideon Shimshon TITLE:  Transdisiplinary learning in an online age from a social science perspective (PDF 1.3MB)
John van Breda
image_van-breda TITLE: Transformative teaching, learning and research: experiences from a transdisciplinary doctoral programme at Stellenbosch University, South Africa (PDF 261KB)  
Bianca Vienni
image_vienni TITLE: Education and interdisciplinarity: groups, practices and dynamics (PDF 339KB)