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Canberra is modern city, set within extensive parks and gardens and close to national monuments and attractions. Located on the ancient lands of the Indigenous Ngunnawal people, Canberra’s name is thought to mean ‘meeting place’, derived from the Aboriginal word Kamberra.


Unless you are an Australian citizen, you will need a visa to enter Australia. New Zealand passport holders can apply for a visa upon arrival in the country. All other passport holders must apply for a visa before leaving home, at your nearest Australian Consulate. You can also apply for certain types of visas online.

For more detailed visa information visit the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Weather in September

September is the first month of spring. The weather is variable and can be chilly in the mornings and evenings, as well as windy.

Average Low Temperature: 4° C (39° F)
Average High Temperature: 15° C (59° F)
Sunshine Hours: 8 hours
Average Rainfall: 50 mm
Rainfall days: 9 days


Australian currency is dollars and cents. Please visit a reputable website for the most up-to-date exchange rates.

Currency can be exchanged at all banks and Australia Post offices.

A Commonwealth Bank located at ANU Union Court (adjacent to the Manning Clark Centre) provides currency exchange services. Open Mon-Thur 9:30-4pm and Fri 9:30-5pm.


The Australian domestic mains power supply is 240V AC, 50 Hz.

The standard AC socket and (3 pin) plug are shown here:


Australian electrical fittings example





Canberra has two taxi companies:

  1. Canberra Elite Taxis: Taxis can be pre-booked online or by phoning [number removed].
  2. Cabexpress: [phone number removed]

Depending on the time of day and traffic conditions, a taxi ride from the airport to the hotels closest to the conference venue will cost around $AUD25. There is an additional $4.20 airport toll (for taxis leaving the airport only).


Buses are the only form of mass public transport. Information is available online about bus routes and tickets: [link removed].

Airport shuttle

The Airport Express provides a limited daily service (see timetable). There are designated drop-off and pick-up points. (The shuttle will not drop you at your hotel or pick you up from there.) Tickets cost $AUD12 one-way or $AUD20 return. They can be purchased online or at the carpark customer service office at the airport terminal.

Useful websites

  • Australia: [link removed]
  • Canberra: [link removed]
  • Canberra’s Centenary celebrations: [link removed]