Organising Team Biographies: Archived Webpage from the First i2S Conference

This is an archived page from the website of the 2013 First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation.
Please note that this is a copy of a page from the original conference website which was hosted elsewhere; some links (eg to the conference venue) have been removed and some of the material within the page refers to functionality that is no longer available (eg references to material in the right-hand column).
A full site map of the archived website shows all the pages and elements that were on the original conference website. 


Biography: Jessica Ford

Jessica is responsible for the Canberra-based event management side of the conference.

After completing a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) at The Australian National University, Jessica took up the role of Executive Support Officer at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health (NCEPH). Among a wide range tasks, she manages the Centre’s philanthropy program, and works closely with academic staff to provide support for grant writing and HERDC (Higher Education Research Data Collection) publication reporting. This year she also became the Executive Support Officer for the newly established Research School of Population Health.


Biography: Alison Wain

Along with Peter Deane, Alison is the conference organising team member with responsibility for developing social media linkages, networking and online conference participation.

She has worked for many years as a heritage conservator with research interests in the application of ultrafast lasers to the cleaning of heritage artefacts, and the conservation of large machinery. She has recently completed a PhD focussing on the integration aspects of large technology heritage conservation. In 2011 she consulted on the redesign of the heritage conservation course at the University of Canberra, and is now teaching the new curriculum.


Biography: Andrew Howard

Andrew supports the conference organising team by providing advice on all aspects of information technology.

Andrew has many years of hands-on technical, diplomatic and logistics experience covering a wide range of standard and bespoke technologies, languages and applications within industry, government and academia nationally and internationally. His current role at The Australian National University sees him working in the Digital Humanities Hub.


Biography: Peter Deane

Peter Deane is involved in all aspects of the conference organisation, with particular responsibility for the website and, with Alison Wain, for developing social media linkages, networking and online conference participation.

He has a long-standing interest in transdisciplinarity, having completed a MPhil on the epistemic and normative characteristics of research into forest landowners by forestry scientists, titled: A Failing Science: Understanding Private Landowners in the Forestry Milieu. He also supports the development of Integration and Implementation Sciences as webmaster and through the development of resource compilations and I2S News.