World Futures

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World Futures “encourages the application of new ways of thinking and approaches that draw on the intersection of the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.” Many of the papers published intersect with i2S, for example in 2014 there were special issues on transdisciplinarity and on scenario planning.

World Futures is the “Journal of New Paradigm Research” and aims to “research, develop and articulate the new paradigm of cosmos, life, consciousness and society emerging at the cutting edge of contemporary research. … World Futures welcomes critiques of limiting assumptions, as well as the development of new perspectives, on human nature, consciousness, society, and the nature of the universe. The journal is focused on the exploration, articulation, and application of human potentialities, and the implications for building a sustainable and humanistic future.”


Posted: September 2012
Last modified: July 2015