UK Implementation Society (UK-IS)

The UK Implementation Society (UK-IS) “is an independent membership organisation and a registered charity connecting those working in implementation science, practice and policy for services for people. The UK Implementation Society intends to promote, increase and sustain knowledge and understanding of the science of implementation in public benefit services, and to advance practice in applying this knowledge on the ground, especially in the particular contexts of UK services and systems”.

The primary objective of the UK Implementation Society is “the advancement of the science and practice of implementation for the public benefit, by:

  • championing and promoting knowledge about the importance of high quality implementation for improving outcomes from services
  • building understanding of effective implementation by collating, developing and disseminating knowledge resources on implementation science, practice and policy
  • building capacity and skills by supporting, organising and hosting learning, training and education on implementation
  • establishing mechanisms, structures and networks that facilitate connections and share learning between those working in the field
  • supporting the development of the evidence base on effective implementation of services to people
  • supporting the mobilisation and application of implementation evidence and knowledge in policy and in practice in other appropriate ways.”

Resources produced by the UK Implementation Society include a news bulletin (Implementation Knowledge and News) and a series of Implementation Resource Digests.

The UK Implementation Society, launched in 2017, grew out of the UK Implementation Network (which was launched in 2014).

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Posted: January 2018
Last modified: January 2018