Systems thinking: three short introductory videos

The following three YouTube videos (each less than 5 minutes long) provide an introduction to systems thinking.


(1) (five minutes): “A systems story” presented by BEE Environmental Communication was delivered in July 2014 – it uses love to explain core systems principles. Online:



(2) (three and a half minutes): “Systems thinking: an introduction” presented by Complexity Academy and Foton Labs was delivered in April 2014 – compares systems thinking with reductionist analysis, using cars, transportation and the human body as examples. Online:



(3) (two and a half minutes): “Peter Senge introduction to systems thinking” presented by Peter Senge (uploaded by Kristina Wile) was an interview excerpt in August 2014 – uses a family dynamics analogy. Online:



Posted: January 2015
Last modified: February 2016