System Dynamics Society

The System Dynamics Society is “devoted to encouraging the development and use of System Dynamics and systems thinking around the world.” It “provides a forum in which researchers, educators, students, consultants and practitioners in the academic, corporate and public sectors interact to keep abreast of current developments, build on each other’s work and introduce newcomers to the field.” There are members in more than 75 countries.

System dynamics is “a computer-aided approach to policy analysis and design. It applies to dynamic problems arising in complex social, managerial, economic, or ecological systems — literally any dynamic systems characterized by interdependence, mutual interaction, information feedback, and circular causality.” “Conceptually, the feedback concept is at the heart of the System Dynamics approach. Diagrams of loops of information feedback and circular causality are tools for conceptualizing the structure of a complex system and for communicating model-based insights.”

The society provides guidance to options for online learning and an on-going collection of more than 60 cases illustrating projects that used system dynamics as their method. Cases cover a range of topics including: aerospace, criminal justice, health care, human resource management, sales and marketing, and waste management.

A founding date is not provided, but the first conference was held in 1983.

Journal: System Dynamics Review

Conference: hosts an annual conference generally alternating between the US and Europe, usually in July


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Case study repository:

Posted: June 2008
Last modified: January 2021