Society of Policy Scientists

The purpose of the Society of Policy Scientists is to “advance knowledge and practice in the policy sciences in the service of human dignity for all. Consistent with this basic purpose, the Society encourages and supports research, practice, and education in the policy sciences.

Whether the problems are local, regional, international, or planetary, the policy sciences provide an integrated and comprehensive set of procedures for addressing them in ways that help to clarify and secure the common interest. … the policy sciences draw on and contribute to all fields of knowledge. The emphasis is on comprehending problems in context in order to develop recommendations that are both realistic and desirable. The content and procedures of many disciplines may be brought constructively to bear on efforts to achieve such results.”

The society hosts a number of listservs, one of which is open to non-members with a general interest in this field.

The society was established in 1995, and was once known as the Society for the Policy Sciences.

Journal: Policy Sciences

Conference: hosts an annual conference in the USA, usually later in the year


Posted: March 2014
Last modified: July 2015