Resilience Engineering Association (REA)

The Resilience Engineering Association (REA) is “a home for scientists and practitioners … concerned with understanding the many facets, views and understandings of the term ‘resilience’.”

The Association has evolved over time to support resilience engineering in its fullest sense, as “a trans-disciplinary perspective that focuses on developing theories and practices that are necessary to enable complex-socio technical systems and organizations to continue operations or to deliver essential services when dealing with expected and unexpected situations (prior, during and after). It addresses complexity, non-linearity, inter-dependencies, emergence, formal and informal social structures, threats and opportunities.”

REA runs biennial symposia on resilience engineering, produces podcasts, webinars, newsletters and a blog, and provides a range of informative resources on the topic of resilience engineering.

The society was founded in 2011.

Journal: N/A

Conference: hosts a biennial symposium in Europe, usually mid-year.


Posted: July 2020
Last modified: July 2020