research 4 impact (r4i)

research 4 impact envisions “a world in which people with diverse forms of knowledge seamlessly learn from each other, particularly those working to understand and solve complex social problems.” In order to make this vision real, r4i aims to create new collaborations, both informal and formal, and this is articulated through three main goals:

  1. “matchmaking that creates powerful new collaborations between social scientists and community leaders
  2. sharing what [r4i has learned] about how to build new collaborations between people with diverse forms of knowledge
  3. interactive workshops that teach others how to build powerful new collaborations themselves.”

Specifically, r4i has a matchmaking process where they “apply an evidence-based approach for directly connecting social scientists and practitioners, and social scientists and local policymakers… Most of these matches are for informal collaborations in which people share knowledge, are open to learning from others, and gain new awareness of the boundaries of what they know and their lived experience.”

r4i also produces easy to read articles where they share what they have learnt about how to create new collaborations. Further, they run workshops “that provides participants with the tools they need to confidently initiate new collaborations themselves.” To assist in outreach, they publish an e-newsletter .

The r4i “community is growing and wide-ranging, and includes social scientists (political scientists, economists, behavioral scientists, psychologists, communications researchers, and many others), policy analysts, nonprofit leaders, government officials, and others who work on pressing problems in the public and private sphere.”

r4i was founded in 2018.

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Posted: March 2021
Last modified: March 2021