Policy Sciences

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Policy Sciences “encourages a diversity of perspectives. The editors especially welcome conceptual and empirical innovation, together with the potential richness and insight of comparative orientation.” Of particular relevance to i2S are articles examining the policy making process.

The journal is international and interdisciplinary and “offers articles that examine the normative aspects of policy sciences; conceptual articles addressing concrete policy issues; articles on particularly controversial pieces of analysis; opposing perspectives, including critiques and rejoinders on articles already published, which open the journal to an exchange of views rather than restricting it to pure presentation; and special issues that analyze specific topics in depth. Policy Sciences favors, but does not publish exclusively, works that either explicitly or implicitly utilize the policy sciences framework. The policy sciences are a distinctive subset within the policy movement in that they embrace the traditions of innovated and elaborated by Harold D. Lasswell and Myers S. McDougal. The policy sciences can be applied to articles with greater or lesser intensity to accommodate the focus of an author’s work. At the minimum, this means taking a problem oriented, multi-method or contextual approach.”

Policy Sciences is tagged as “Integrating Knowledge and Practice to Advance Human Dignity.”

It is the journal of the Society of Policy Scientists.

Website: https://link.springer.com/journal/11077

Posted: May 2008
Last modified: July 2020