Policy improvements through research: knowledge vs politics

We live in an increasingly interconnected world where there are few simple policy solutions to complex, often “wicked” problems, and an increasing number of stakeholders with multiple, often divergent incentives are involved in decision-making. While there is often convincing research-based evidence about what works and what doesn’t work, there is no simple mechanism to translate that into effective policy and practice. Recognising this, and learning from recent research into complexity, networks, political incentives, innovation systems and new communication technology, the Overseas Development Institute’s (ODI)  Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) Programme  has developed a range of tools and approaches for researchers, policy makers, practitioners and intermediaries to promote greater use of research-based evidence. This video provides an overview of the programme’s work, some of the tools and approaches, and examples of how this approach can deliver better policy.

Video (29 minutes): “Knowledge vs Politics: How Research can Contribute to Better Policy” presented by John Young was a plenary talk at the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation held in Canberra in Australia, online and at three co-conferences (Lueneburg in Germany, The Hague in the Netherlands and Montevideo in Uruguay), 8-11 September 2013. The Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from the video is available as a PDF (3.6MB)



Posted: November 2014
Last modified: August 2015