Policy engagement techniques

“The report includes strategic guidance and practical approaches regarding how CSOs [civil society organisations] can ensure their policy engagement is more effective, influential and sustained.” It is designed for use in developing countries to have a pro-poor impact.

The following issues and topics are discussed in Policy Engagement: How Civil Society can be More Effective:


Practical Approaches to Resolve Key Obstacles
Policy Entrepreneurship in Challenging Contexts (1. Campaigns to try to change policy; 2. ‘Boomerang’ strategies; and 3. policy pilots)
Improving Understanding of Policy Processes: Context Assessments (Context mapping approaches)
Better Strategy: Targeting the Policy Process (1. Agenda setting; 2. Formulation; 3. Implementation; 4. Evaluation; and 5. Underlying capacity building)
Using Better Evidence
Communicating for Policy Influence
Building CSO (Civil Society Organisation) Capacity
The Power of Networks


Reference: Court, J., Mendizabal, E., Osborne, D and Young, J. (2006). Policy Engagement: How Civil Society can be More Effective. Overseas Development Institute, London, UK. Full text online at: https://www.odi.org/publications/160-policy-engagement-civil-society-can-be-more-effective.

Posted: December 2011
Last modified: August 2014