Policy and Politics

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Policy and Politics “is committed to advancing our understanding of the dynamics of policy-making and implementation. By exploring the interplay between political actors, governing institutions and policy issues, the journal contributes to theories of the policy process. By reflecting on the evolving context in which these interactions occur, it provides critical insights that are timely and fresh.”

Articles aim at a multi-disciplinary and global audience and can be “empirical, conceptual or theoretical, as long as the broader international relevance of the argument is explicit.”

“The editors are especially interested in articles that:

  1. Challenge dominant disciplinary assumptions.
  2. Open up new research frontiers, and by doing so, set the agenda for subsequent debates.
  3. Innovate in the use of methods, theories and concepts in order to deliver new insights.
  4. Make connections across and between disciplines and sub-fields.
  5. Offer relevant and timely analyses of emerging debates within political science, public management and administration, and social policy and from a comparative perspective.”

Authors are also invited to feature their papers in the Policy and Politics blog.

Website: https://policy.bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/journals/policy-and-politics/

Posted: June 2020
Last modified: July 2020