Participatory research: transforming impoverished pastoral communities in Ethiopia

This case demonstrates the use of participatory research to bring together pastoralists, donors and researchers to build the capacity of the pastoralists to better withstand drought and similar shocks. The case is part of the Pastoral Risk Management (PARIMA) project of the Global Livestock Collaborative Research Support Program (GL-CRSP). The impact was evaluated.

Reference: Coppock, D. L., Desta, S., Tezera, S. and Gebru, G. (2011). Capacity building helps pastoral women transform impoverished communities in Ethiopia. Science, 334, 6061: 1394-1398.

Website: Supplementary material is available at:

There is also a supplementary report: Coppock, D.L., S. Tezera, S. Desta, and G. Gebru. (2012) Achieving Sustainable Development Impact among Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral People: Lessons Learned in Southern Ethiopia, 2000-2009, Ethiopian Society for Animal Production, Addis Ababa. Website at:

There is also a PARIMA project video available at:

Posted: January 2012
Last modified: July 2015