Stakeholder participation: participation compass

This online toolkit provides descriptions of a range of methods for stakeholder engagement, listed below. As well as providing a general overview, each method is described using the following categories: participants, cost, approximate time expense, strengths, weaknesses and origin. Videos are provided for some methods. There are also case studies for most methods.


Moderation methods  
design charrettes  

Participation methods  
21st Century town meeting future search
action learning future workshop
action planning graphic recording
appreciative inquiry hackathon
area forums mediation
citizen advisory groups mystery shopper
citizen’s jury open space technology
citizen’s summits opinion poll
co-production participatory appraisal
community appraisal participatory budgeting
consensus conference participatory GIS (Graphical Information System)
conversation cafe’s participatory strategic planning
crowd wise participatory video
crowdsourcing planning for real
deliberative mapping pop-up democracy
deliberative polling positive deviance
deliberative workshops trade school
delphi survey user panels
democs world cafe
dialogue world wide views
distributed dialogue written consultations
feedback kiosks  
focus groups  

Online tools  
blogs mashups
e-petitions online consultations
e-panel online discussion groups
language accessibility tools wiki
local issues forum  


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Posted: November 2016
Last modified: April 2019