Palgrave Communications

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Palgrave Communications is an open access online-only journal. Some of its thematic collections are very relevant to Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S), including collections on:

  • Expertise in integration and implementation for transformative research (still at the call for papers stage)
  • Interrogating interdisciplinarity
  • The politics of evidence-based policymaking: how can we maximise the use of evidence in policy?
  • Making and using evidence
  • Scientific advice to governments
  • Dialogue under scrutiny: dialogue-based actions, interactions and practices across contexts, cultures and disciplines (still at the call for papers stage)
  • Citizen social science (still at the call for papers stage)
  • Social studies of academia: power and knowledge in research, science and higher education (still at the call for papers stage)
  • The future of research assessment

Palgrave Communications focuses on the humanities, the social sciences and business. It fosters “interaction, creativity and reflection within and between the rich disciplines the journal encompasses”. These disciplines include: anthropology; business; economics; cultural studies; geography; international studies; history; information systems; law; languages; operational research; philosophy; religion; sociology; and science studies. Of particular interest to i2S is operational research.

Posted: June 2016
Last modified: August 2019