Organization Collection (five journals)

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“The focus of the journals in the Organization Collection is on those intangible drivers which determine not only the livability of organizations for insiders, and their credibility and attraction to outsiders; but also their tangible results in the form of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. The intangibles of knowledge, culture and change management do not appear on balance sheets, but ultimately do have an enormous impact on ‘bottom lines’. The journals in this collection attempt to address dynamics of knowledge, culture and change as they manifest themselves in organizations. The perspectives range from big picture analyses to detailed case studies which speak to the tangible value of organizational intangibles. They traverse a broad terrain, from theory and analysis to practical strategies.”

The Organization Collection consists of:

  • The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations: Annual Review (by invitation only)

Themed Journals:

  • Management Education: An International Journal
  • Change Management: An International Journal
  • Knowledge Management: An International Journal
  • Organizational Cultures: An International Journal

These journals publish papers relevant to the third domain of i2S (providing integrated research support for policy and practice change).

“The Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations knowledge community examines the nature of the organization in all its forms and manifestations: businesses, from micro-enterprises to multinational corporations; institutions of formal learning, from pre-schools to universities; public sector agencies; and non-government and community sector organizations. Its concern also extends beyond the boundaries of organizations to consider the dynamics of supply chains, organizational alliances, networks, communities of practice and capacity building. Across all of these contexts, a pragmatic focus persists – to examine the ‘organization’ and ‘management’ of groups of people collaborating to productive ends, and to analyse what makes for success and sustainability.”


Posted: June 2011
Last modified: August 2015