National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE)

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) was established to “support a culture change in the UK higher education sector” by supporting “universities to increase the quality and impact of their public engagement activity.” It is primarily focused on the UK, but has a growing international reputation and international members can join networks organised by NCCPE and access the resources they produce.

NCCPE is not a conventional membership organisation, but supports a variety of networks (accessible via:

  • Engage Academy for engagement professionals, which provides continuing professional development, and an opportunity to engage with a range of other participants.
  • Engage Researchers’ Academy for researchers with a passion for engagement, which supports participants to develop the skills and experience to work with others and improve the impact and relevance of their research.
  • Public Engagement Network, a jiscmail list for people committed to public engagement with higher education, who want to share ideas, opportunities, experiences and problem solve together. In addition, participants can advertise events, research and news that they think will be relevant to the group.
  • Engaged Practice Learning Exchange (EPLE) are an opportunity for those engaged in practices and programming around public engagement and other forms of community-university activity to have some time and space to stimulate innovation in what they do” and this is undertaken “through providing workshops at international conferences that focus on public engagement and community-university engagement.”
  • UK Community Partner Network is a network of people involved with community-based organisations interested in working with universities to tackle social concerns and inequalities.”
  • Public Engagement Professionals (PEP) Network aims to support public engagement professionals across the UK working in higher education and research to access continuing professional development (CPD), peer support and the latest thinking on engagement.”  The PEP Network welcomes “those working in similar roles in the sector, or those working with higher education institutions, research institutes or funders to coordinate and support public engagement.” The network also welcomes “members from outside the UK, but the majority of our membership is UK-based and therefore the content of events/discussions reflects this.”

NCCPE also provides, via its website, resources on engagement, which focuses on learning about, delivering and supporting effective public engagement. They run a blog, a yearly conference, provide education, and part fund (with the University College of London (UCL) Institute of Education) the journal ‘Research for All’.

NCCPE promotes expanding the role of engagement within higher education through their EDGE (‘Embryonic’, ‘Developing’, ‘Gripping’ and ‘Embedded’) tool, which assesses the extent to which an institution supports public engagement and the ‘Manifesto for Public Engagement’, which invites higher education institutions to make a commitment to public engagement. 

NCCPE was founded in 2008.

Journal: Research for All

Conference: hosts an annual conference in the United Kingdom and usually late in the year


Posted: May 2021
Last modified: May 2021