Modelling techniques compendium

This report provides a brief overview of the most popular modelling techniques used to analyse complex real-world problems, as well as some less popular but highly relevant techniques. The modelling methods are divided into three categories, with each encompassing a number of methods, as follows:

  1. Qualitative Aggregate Models (Soft Systems Methodology, Concept Maps and Mind Mapping, Scenario Planning, Causal (Loop) Diagrams),
  2. Quantitative Aggregate Models (Function fitting and Regression, Bayesian Nets, System of differential equations / Dynamical systems, System Dynamics, Evolutionary Algorithms) and
  3. Individual Oriented Models (Cellular Automata, Microsimulation, Agent Based Models, Discrete Event Simulation, Social Network Analysis).

Each technique is broadly described with example uses, key attributes and reference material.

Reference: Badham, J. (2010). A compendium of modelling techniques. Integration Insights #12, May.
Full text online at: (859KB PDF)

Posted: December 2011
Last modified: August 2014