Mapping political context

“This toolkit describes a range of tools that CSOs [Civil Society Organisations] might use to understand and map political context, in order to engage more effectively in policy processes. This guide introduces a series of tools that have been designed to map various dimensions of political context. The tools have been selected because they cover a wide variety of political dimensions.”

The following tools are presented in Mapping Political Context: A Toolkit for Civil Society Organisations:


Tools for Mapping Political Context
Civil Society Index (CIVICUS)
Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (WB)
Democracy and Governance Assessment (USAID)
Drivers of Change (DFID)
Governance Matters/Country Diagnostics (WBI)
Governance Questionnaire (GTZ)
Power Analysis (Sida)
Stakeholder Analysis
World Governance Assessment


Reference: Nash, R., Hudson, A. and Luttrell, C. (2006). Mapping Political Context: A Toolkit for Civil Society Organisations. Overseas Development Institute, London, UK. Full text online at:

Posted: December 2011
Last modified: August 2014