Learning for sustainability (LfS) website

The Learning for Sustainability (LfS) website is a clearinghouse of information with links provided to a diverse selection of relevant resources, such as on: systems thinking; building networks; dialogue and negotiation; knowledge management; planning and evaluation; theory of change; managing outcomes; interdisciplinary approaches; adaptive management; and, participation and engagement. Started in 1998, the website is “[a]n online portal to skills and practices used by those managing collaboration and engagement processes”.  Drawing from a wide number of sectors (health, development, natural resource management, organisational learning, etc), “[t]he site highlights the wide range of social skills and processes that are needed to support constructive collaboration, and indicates how these skills and processes can be interwoven to achieve more integrated and effective outcomes”.

Reference: Allen, W. (2013). Learning for Sustainability (LfS) Site, digital poster #679 (PDF 714KB), from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation held in Canberra, Australia, online and at three co-conferences (Lueneburg in Germany, The Hague in the Netherlands and Montevideo in Uruguay) 8-11 September, 2013.

You can access this digital poster as a powerpoint presentation or pdf at: http://i2sconference.digitalposter.com.au/posters-list/679. Note that this is an external website, which presents all the digital posters from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation.

Website: http://learningforsustainability.net/

Posted: Feburary 2014
Last modified: August 2014