Knowledge system transformation to support research integration and implementation

Responding to the persistent problems of unsustainability and other global challenges needs a transformation of the knowledge system as a whole. As this video describes, this includes a transformation in research funding and in education. For effective implementation-oriented research, stakeholders have to be involved both in the design of research programmes and in all phases of the research. This is a challenge for proposal and project evaluation. A great deal of flexibility, creativity and learning is required for implementation-oriented research, which suggests that funding of phases of research rather than for projects as a whole is more effective. Within the academic system, skills that are needed for designing and facilitating processes of engagement and learning have to receive significant attention and credit must be given for this work, so that career paths for the integration and implementation research community become established and promising.

Four cases of integrative, implementation-oriented, transformative research in which the knowledge system has been opened up and sustainability challenges have been tackled are briefly presented. They are:

  • RESPONDER project which looked at knowledge integration using systems mapping as a tool for knowledge brokerage
  • InContext project which examined the challenges of having an implementation orientation
  • MATISSE project which used a systemic approach, including scoping and re-scoping
  • Project Vision RD4SD which examined new evaluation criteria.

Video (26 minutes): “Transforming the Knowledge System to Support Research Integration and Implementation” presented by Jill Jaeger was a plenary talk at the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation held in Canberra in Australia, online and at three co-conferences (Lueneburg in Germany, The Hague in the Netherlands and Montevideo in Uruguay), 8-11 September 2013. The Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from the video is available as a PDF (814KB).



Posted: November 2014
Last modified: June 2015