Knowledge Management Research and Practice

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Knowledge Management Research and Practice covers all aspects of managing knowledge from individual to professional and organisational to national. The knowledge management field covers four overlapping areas:

  • “Managing knowledge (creating/acquiring, sharing, retaining, storing, using, updating, retiring)
  • Organisational learning
  • Intellectual capital
  • Knowledge economics.”

Within (and across) these, knowledge management addresses “issues relating to technology, people, culture and systems.”

The journal’s cross-disciplinary focus aims to address “important tensions in the field of knowledge management, such as those between:”

  • “codification” and “collaboration” schools of thought
  • North American and Japanese approaches
  • “Strategy and operations
  • People and technology
  • Short-term and long-term needs
  • The organisation and the individual.”

The journal covers “both theoretical and practical aspects, and especially the relationship between the two.” It emphasises “the mixing of “hard” (eg., technological) and “soft” (eg., cultural or motivational) issues.”

This is a journal of the Operational Research Society.


Posted: June 2019
Last modified: July 2020