Journal of Research Practice

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The Journal of Research Practice (JRP) is currently an open-access archive for papers published prior to March 2019, when publication was discontinued.

The journal aimed to develop “understanding of research as a type of practice, and to assist both research practitioners and research theorists to share their experiences with and ideas about research, so as to extend and enhance that practice in multiple domains.”

The journal had “six focus areas of particular interest”:

  1. Research Applications (“conventional or innovative forms of applied research with a view to meeting contemporary challenges”)
  2. Research Spaces (“institutional, cultural, and historical factors that shape research practice so as to help researchers open up new spaces for innovative research”)
  3. Research Education (“new directions in research education so as to prepare researchers for their role in society”)
  4. Research Experiences (“a platform for sharing research experiences, appreciating the experiences of other researchers, and developing their own understanding and good practice”)
  5. Research Philosophy (“reflection on the philosophical underpinnings of research, the specific research frameworks they inform, and corresponding notions of what constitutes valid and relevant research”)
  6. Research on Research (“review and innovate conventional thinking about research as it is contained in notions such as scientific method, objective attitude, and logic of inquiry, with a view to expanding their range of application and exploring new forms of research”).

The journal started in 2005 and produced two issues per year until the final two issues in 2018.


Posted: May 2008
Last modified: July 2019