Journal of Simulation

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The Journal of Simulation (JOS) “aims to publish both articles and technical notes from researchers and practitioners active in the field of simulation. In JOS, the field of simulation includes the techniques, tools, methods and technologies of the application and the use of discrete-event simulation, agent-based modelling and system dynamics”, as well as “models that are hybrids of these approaches.”

“JOS encourages theoretical papers that span the breadth of the simulation process, including both modelling and analysis methodologies, as well as practical papers from a wide range of simulation applications in domains including, manufacturing, service, defence, health care and general commerce.”

JOS also focuses on where “significant success in the use of simulation” has occurred, as well as “the methodological and technological advances that represent significant progress toward the application of simulation modelling-related theory and/or practice.”

JOS is the journal of the Operational Research (OR) Society.

Posted: April 2019
Last modified: July 2020