Journal of Critical Realism

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The Journal of Critical Realism (JCR) was established “to foster the discussion, propagation and the development of critical realist approaches to understanding and changing the world. It provides a forum for scholars wishing to promote realist emancipatory philosophy, social theory and science on an interdisciplinary and international basis, and for those who wish to engage with such approaches.”

The JCR caters to audiences from many different disciplines with the common core being a shared interest in critical realism and it “publishes articles, review essays, review symposia, book reviews, debates and postgraduate interventions that relate in some significant way to critical realist approaches to understanding and changing the world. It is committed to encouraging work within the framework of, or engaging with all phases of the philosophy of critical realism: original and dialectical critical realism and metaRealism.”

From the perspective of Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S), critical realism provides a way to deal with ontological and epistemological concerns in science and social science that is philosophically sophisticated, theoretically rich and methodologically varied. It is an open system approach to research contexts that is inherently interdisciplinary, realist and morally aware. Critical realism is one of the major strands of scientific and social scientific theory along with positivism, post-modernism, critical inquiry, empiricism, interpretivism, etc.

Papers particularly relevant to Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S) focus on knowledge synthesis and interdisciplinarity with a wide coverage of different fields and disciplines.

JCR is the journal of the International Association for Critical Realism (IACR).


Posted: February 2021
Last modified: February 2021