Journal of Integrated Social Sciences

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The Journal of Integrated Social Sciences (JISS) “attempts to provide a platform that fills the void of a unified approach in the social sciences.” It concentrates on several disciplines that are central to the social sciences: psychology, sociology, political sciences, and gender studies.

JISS is relevant to i2S in that a “major focus point of JISS centers on the concept of ‘transformations'”. The world is not seen “as a static, unmoving entity. Rather, social nature is developmental and thus transformative in its characteristics”. The journal is “especially interested in those works that share a wide perspective for analysis and synthesis – i.e. on what the nature of the ‘whole’ is.”

Another point of relevance for i2S is that JISS aims “for more serious reflection upon the methodologies employed in empirical studies.” The editors quote from Jaan Valsiner’s book ‘Culture & Human Development’ (2000, Sage, p. 63):

If construction of general knowledge is the focus of methodology (as in any science), then methodology cannot be seen as a ‘toolbox’ of different ready-made methods. Rather, it needs to be viewed as a process of human mental construction of generalizations. It entails mutually linked components of general assumptions about the world at large (axioms), specific constructed theories of the given target area, understanding of pertinent phenomena, and – finally – ways of constructing specific methods to transform some aspects of the phenomena into purposefully derived data. Data are always constructed, or – better – derived from phenomena, on the basis of the investigator’s reasoning.”

The journal therefore seeks to “further the development of unique and well-thought-out methodologies that best fit the task for studying a given observable ‘fact’; not because of their previously established credo or dogma, but rather for their present suitability in being the best possible approach.”

The journal published single issues in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014.


Posted: July 2009
Last modified: December 2015