EURO Journal on Decision Processes

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“The EURO Journal on Decision Processes (EJDP) promotes and publishes scientific knowledge on the theoretical, methodological, behavioural and organizational topics that contribute to the understanding and appropriate use of operational research in supporting different phases of decision making processes. Methodologically, EDJP covers both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the scoping, modelling and solution of decision problems.

The scope of EJDP is focussed on the connections between operational research and decision processes”. Example areas of interest are to: “(i) present relevant advances in problem structuring, decision analysis and multi-criteria decision aiding, (ii) address questions of process design, model validity and communication in connection with techniques like data mining, forecasting, optimization, simulation, and performance measurement, (iii) provide reflective accounts of decision processes that exemplify uses of operational research in application domains such as energy, engineering, environment, finance, health care and operations management.”

This is the journal of the Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO).


Posted: October 2018
Last modified: January 2019