Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies supports scholarship crossing the arts and sciences on issues pertaining to interdisciplinary/integrative research and teaching. The journal is particularly focused on:

  1. “Interdisciplinary theory and methodology
  2. The nature, means and problems of integrative research, especially on human experience
  3. Models of interdisciplinary/integrative curricular designs both undergraduate and graduate, supplemented by evaluative empirical studies
  4. Analyses of the relationships among social contexts, institutional arrangements and interdisciplinary programs of research and teaching
  5. Cross-campus surveys on the status of interdisciplinarity
  6. Conceptual and empirical attempts at distinguishing between disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching, curricular models, and research
  7. Special pedagogical approaches for enhancing interdisciplinary/integrative comprehension, perspectives, knowledge, and utilization
  8. Substantial and critical reviews of literature published elsewhere on any of the above”.

Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies, formerly known as Issues in Integrative Studies, is produced by the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies. One issue is produced per year. Articles from volume 1 (1982) to volume 31 (2013) are open access.


Posted: November 2015
Last modified: November 2015