International Journal of Social Research Methodology

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2.52 (2019)

The International Journal of Social Research Methodology features a “mix of academic and theoretically-slanted methodological articles, articles relating to research practice in professional and service settings, and those considering the relationship between the two. It thus addresses an audience of researchers within academic and other research organizations as well as practitioner-researchers in the field.”

“The journal provides:

  • a focus for on-going and emerging methodological debates across a range of approaches, both qualitative and quantitative, and including mixed and comparative methods, as these relate to philosophical, theoretical, ethical, political and practical issues;
  • an international medium for the publication of discussions of social research methodology and practices across a wide range of social science disciplines and substantive interests; and
  • a forum for researchers based in all sectors to consider and evaluate methods as these relate to research practice.”

The journal includes papers on a wide range of social science methods; those most relevant to i2S are papers on methodological pluralism, mixed methods and participatory research.


Posted: November 2009
Last modified: July 2020