International Journal of General Systems

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1.67 (2019)

The International Journal of General Systems publishes “original research contributions to system science, basic as well as applied,” as well as relevant survey articles and bibliographies.

The journal aims “to promote original systems ideas (concepts, principles, methods, theoretical or experimental results, etc.) that are broadly applicable to various kinds of systems. The term ‘general system’ in the name of the journal is intended to indicate this aim – the orientation to systems ideas that have a general applicability.”

“Typical subject areas covered by the journal include:

  • uncertainty and randomness;
  • fuzziness and imprecision;
  • information;
  • complexity;
  • inductive and deductive reasoning about systems;
  • learning;
  • systems analysis and design; and
  • theoretical as well as experimental knowledge regarding various categories of systems”.


Posted: January 2020
Last modified: July 2020