Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

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Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (ISR) “aims to set contemporary and historical developments in the sciences and technology into their wider social and cultural context and to illuminate their interrelations with the humanities and arts… It actively explores the differing trajectories of the disciplines and practices in its purview, to clarify what each is attempting to do in its own terms, so that constructive dialogue across them is strengthened. It focuses whenever possible on conceptual bridge-building and collaborative research that nevertheless respect disciplinary variation. ISR features thematic issues on broad topics attractive across the disciplines and publishes special issues derived from wide-ranging interdisciplinary colloquia and conferences.”

The papers published in the journal that are relevant to i2S are an eclectic mix. In 2014 they covered: institutional barriers to work across disciplines, models and metaphors, and a case study of the creation of a boundary object. The December 2014 special issue “Transdisciplinary Environmental Science: Problem-oriented Projects and Strategic Research Programs” provides several case studies of transdisciplinary projects and can be found at:


Posted: October 2008
Last modified: July 2020